What's Included with an All-Access Pass?

  • Access to 125+ Classes (except Master Classes and Intensives) until 12/31/2020
  • Intensives (passholder exclusive)
  • Master Classes (if accepted, passholder exclusive) 
  • Peer Reviews (passholder exclusive)
  • Access to all 25+ community caucuses and events
  • Class photo/ yearbook

Plus, all additional activities added to schedule!

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

Creating an Account:

Please use your stage name for your account when possible. It will allow us to cross-reference data behind the scenes and ensure that passholders are receiving the full package. 

Please also use an email you’ll check during the active con dates! Some of our instructors will be sending emails to the registered class list with extra information. 

Signing Up for Classes:

We sent passholders an email with a code and instructions for class registration. Didn't get an email? Contact reg@burlycon.org.

Within our learning platform, we ask that you register for each class you’re interested in individually. We’re doing this for a couple of important reasons: 

1. Individual course registrations will allow you to have a “student dashboard” that only shows the classes and events where you’d like to participate. This will hopefully help keep calendars as clear as possible! 

2. Individual registrations also allow our instructors to know how many students to expect in their live sessions. This helps them (and us) know how to best prepare! This also allows instructors to contact students easily before, during, and after the event.