Course Overview

Live Session Date & Time: The live session for this class occurs on SATURDAY, JULY 17 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Convert to your time zone for this event here.

Live Session Length: 60 Minutes

Course Experience Level: Everyone

Class Description: Accessible spaces should be the baseline for all things in life, but unfortunately we have not yet evolved there as a species. In this class you will learn how to write an accessibility statement for both a live venue and a digital space. We will talk about how to best handle conflicting accessibility needs, how to attract disabled creators and patrons, and touch base on digital pivot best practices, including closed captioning, how to do digital on a reduced budget, and content warnings for your digital spaces.

Course Materials

Please bring the following materials with you to your live class session:

  • Pen/ pencil

  • Paper

  • (or) Notetaking app!

About the Instructor

Aggie Panda

Aggie Panda is a disabled DJ, Twitch streamer, tarot reader, and fights against ableism wherever they can throw their energy.