Registration & Choosing Classes

  • How do I register for classes? Can I register for the entire year of classes?

    Excellent question! First, you'll need to create a create an account. To do this, you can click the "Sign Up" link on the top tool bar. Then, you can choose to either purchase the entire April BurlyPod bundle (at a hefty discount!) or individual courses on an a la carte basis (for $25 each). Interested in purchasing all three BurlyPods that will occur in 2021? We've got a plan for that! On the "Purchase Options" page available from the top toolbar, you'll find options to purchase access to one, two, or three full BurlyPods. You'll also discover payment plan options for our two and three pod packages here.

  • How should I choose between buying a pass or purchasing classes a la carte?

    If you plan to attend and/or watch at least eight (8) classes within a single BurlyPod, it's more cost effective to purchase the full BurlyPod pass. BurlyPod passes are only available through dates of the BurlyPod, not after. If you purchase a class a la carte after the Virtual BurlyPod dates, please note that you have until the final Sunday of the month following the BurlyPod to watch the class. April 2021 BurlyPod classes are available through Sunday, May 30, 2021. July 2021 BurlyPod classes are available through Monday, August 20, 2021. November BurlyPod classes are available through Thursday, December 30, 2021.

  • Are the times in class titles in a specific time zone?

    Yes! All times listed in course titles are in US Pacific Time. We're exploring a way to make this adapt for our unique time zones moving forward, but are unable to make this happen right now. Please see each course page for a link to a time zone converter.

  • Will live classes be recorded?

    Yes! We will have live class recordings posted in the course within approximately 24 hours of the live session.

  • How do events work? Can I watch peer review?

    For this BurlyPod, we will be hosting peer reviews, a series of caucuses, and a panel. The peer review event is free for individuals who purchase a whole pod and $5 for anyone wishing to purchase a ticket a la carte. All caucuses and our panel are free to everyone, with event links posted on the "community events" page on the top tool bar.

  • Many of the classes mention a "Course Experience Level" or "Student Level." What do these mean?

    The indicated experience/ student levels allow our attendees to identify which classes are right for them. Our goal is to have our attendees feel both challenged and satisfied at the end of classes, not unprepared and overwhelmed. Remember as a professional and education event, one of BurlyCon's goals is to help each other grow! Level Descriptions: All : This class level is typically applicable to classes that are not built upon a specific discipline (dance, costuming, emceeing, production, etc.), or are based on "specifics" within a discipline that are broadly applicable and may be useful to anyone. This class must be accessible to beginning performers and interesting to those with more experience. Beginner: This class is best suited for individuals with little or no training in the applicable discipline (dance, costuming, emceeing, production, etc.). Brand new performers just getting their feet wet and more experienced performers interested in trying something different may both find this class beneficial. Intermediate : This class is best suited for individuals who have a basic understanding and some level of experience in the applicable discipline (dance, costuming, emceeing, production, etc.). Time spent on reviewing basics will be minimal, as the focus of this class is to build upon an existing foundation. Students with experience in related disciplines may find this class useful, but it is geared toward expected standards of the discipline or form. Advanced : This class is best suited for individuals who are well-versed in the terminology and techniques of the applicable discipline, and who have had experience in applying these techniques. Advanced classes will focus on refining existing technique, offering new iterations of accepted standards, and pushing students to reach beyond their level of comfort. Advanced classes will move at a faster pace, and may cover more information than either intermediate or beginning classes. Students should have more than a passing understanding of the subject matter, as basics will not be covered or reviewed. Masters : This class is best suited for veteran burlesque individuals looking to further their professional skills and development. These classes are thought to be "collegiate-level" with unique focus and specialization to challenge the most seasoned of burlesque professionals, students who are masters at their craft. Masters classes will focus on subjects related to pushing these burlesque professionals beyond their level of comfort, examining where their careers are now and how to expand and take their careers to another level.

  • Can I take a class with an experience level I'm not yet at?

    Yes! you may take all the classes you wish, no matter the student level. But if you are not at the student level designated for the class, we ask that during class you refrain from asking questions that were not intended to be covered in class. For example, if you take an Intermediate or Advanced class and they discuss terminology that you are not familiar with, please refrain from asking questions when it seems the instructor assumes students know the subject. Write your questions down and consider emailing the presenter and/or asking BurlyCon or the presenter after class if a Beginner or All level course can be taught in the future so you can capture the basic level understanding of that topic. This is a great way to encourage presenters to teach additional topics and student levels.

  • I keep seeing the phrase "# Course Elements" below my classes. What does this mean?

    To be honest, not a lot! This refers to the number of individual pages within the course player. This varies per course and instructor needs.

  • I've purchased a BurlyPod pass. Can I transfer or get a refund?

    BurlyCon will issue refunds up to 24 hours after purchase. There is a $10 fee for pass transfer. Please contact reg@burlycon with any questions.

Attending Classes

  • I've registered for classes. Where do I look to find them?

    When you're signed in to your account, looked for the link to your "Dashboard" on the top tool bar. There, you'll find a list of all registered classes.

  • The courses on my Student Dashboard say "Pre-registration." When will I be able to view all of the class materials?

    We will open the classes one week before the first day of the BurlyPod on April 17!

  • How will I join the live sessions? Will these live sessions include any sort of captions?

    Good question! Within each course player, you'll find a link to your live session. For this BurlyPod, the majority of all courses will be hosted through Zoom. We will provide program help guides in each course before the session if you'd like to be sure you're tech prepped! We will be utilizing live AI captioning during our Zoom sessions. The transcript from these sessions will be available for download and connected with our course recordings.

  • Do I need to keep my camera turned on during live class sessions?

    When possible, please turn your camera on! We know there are varying reasons you may keep your camera off and we respect that; however, if you are able to have your camera on, presenters appreciate seeing a few faces while they teach live stream. We hope this request does not keep you from attending classes! One of the great aspects about live stream and recorded online classes is the student's ability to be comfortable while they learn.

  • How can I ensure best technical experience for attending classes?

    There are a number of ways that you can prepare for your best online learning experience! Here are just a few of our suggestions: 1. Explore this site before the day of the event, when possible. Some of your registered classes may have supplementary materials or suggestions of materials to view before the live session. 2. Almost all of our courses will use Zoom during this BurlyPod. We recommend that you download Zoom and create an account before your class session time, as to not run into any unwanted delays. 3. Consider internet speed needs! We recognize that this can absolutely be a challenge. Turning off devices that may be utilizing your internet "power" (such as gaming devices, smart televisions, and cell phones) may help ensure you have a stronger connection during your live session. Additionally, you might also consider running an internet speed test to determine if there are better locations in your home for stronger signal. A wired-connection to your modem will almost always net a stronger signal that a wireless connection. A cell-phone hotspot may also provide you with a stronger signal than your home wi-fi. 4. Wear headphones (with microphone capabilities) when possible during your live sessions. 5. Try to arrive to the live session class waiting room between 5-10 minutes early, just in case there's a bit of troubleshooting that needs to happen. This will ensure that you, your peers, and the instructor can start the session on-time as possible with as few distractions as possible.

  • Can I use my iPhone/Android/Tablet to access the event and watch virtual sessions?

    Yes. Our learning platform site is optimized to adapt to mobile platforms as well as computers. Please note that it may be challenging to view some components of courses with smaller screen sizes.

  • How long will content (including recorded live sessions) be available?

    Recorded live stream BurlyPod classes are available to watch through the final Sunday of the month following a Virtual BurlyPod. April 2021 BurlyPod classes are available through Sunday, May 30, 2021. This date applies to individuals who buy a full BurlyPod pass, as well as individuals who purchases classes a la carte.

Getting Involved & Looking Forward

  • Are there scholarship opportunities for BurlyPods?

    Yes! BurlyCon is proud to offer up to six (6) full coverage scholarships per BurlyCon event. There will be 3 Virtual BurlyCons in 2021: April, July, and November. That means 18 people will be awarded scholarships for the full cost of BurlyCon tuition in 2021. Additionally, we can allow a limited number of pay-what-you-can-afford tuitions. Those who were not awarded in April will not have to reapply for July or November. Each applicant need only complete one application to be eligible for any of the scholarships to each of the 3 BurlyCons. Priority is given to medical or ability needs, BIPOC community members, those experiencing economic insecurity, and those who work for other Non-profits. Each scholarship includes a free application to Peer Reviews! Two spots are held in each Peer Review program for our scholarship recipients. To qualify for either the full scholarship or the pay-what-you-can-afford tuition, please complete the 2021 Scholarship Application here: Scholarships open February 22, 2021. The last day to apply for a scholarship for the April BurlyPod is March 18, 2021.

  • I want to teach classes in the future with BurlyCon. How do I do that?

    BurlyCon will put out a call for class proposals for both the July and November Virtual BurlyPods. Please sign up for a newsletter and follow our Facebook page to receive these notifications.

  • Is there any type of message board on this site?

    Yes! We have one "community" on this site (Let's Connect!) to connect with your fellow burlesquers and provide BurlyCon a location to post BurlyPod news. This community is only accessible to individuals who are enrolled in a one or more courses.

  • I want to volunteer. Are there volunteer opportunities?

    More information about opportunities is coming soon!