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Printable Schedule

Want to print out all class and event offerings? View the full BurlyCon schedule in one spreadsheet (with multiple time zones)! !


  • Are the times in class titles in a specific time zone?

    Yes! All times listed in course titles are in US Pacific Time. We're exploring a way to make this adapt for our unique time zones moving forward, but are unable to make this happen right now.

  • Will live classes be recorded?

    Yes! We will have live class recordings posted in the course within 24 hours of the live session.

  • How long will I be able to view the course content?

    All course content will be available until the end of the calendar year-- Dec. 31, 2020.

  • How do events work? Can I watch peer review?

    Passholders have access to all events! Please feel free to sign up for any, including peer reviews. All events (with the exception of peer review) can be purchased in a bundle for $20. Peer review and the Seren-tease meetings are passholder-exclusive events. Caucuses are free to everyone.

  • Is there any type of message board on this site?

    Yes! We have two "communities" attached to this site-- one for news (Con News) and one to connect with your fellow burlesquers (Let's Connect!) You can access both of these communities from the top toolbar.

  • How will I join the live sessions?

    Good question! Within each course player, you'll find a link to your live session. Most courses will be using Google Meet, though events and some specific courses will utilize Zoom. We will provide program help guides in each course before the session if you'd like to be sure you're tech prepped!

  • I keep seeing the phrase "# Course Elements" below my classes. What does this mean?

    To be honest, not a lot! This refers to the number of individual pages within the course player. This varies per course and instructor needs.