Class Overview

Live Session Date & Time: The live session for this class occurs on Saturday, April 24 at 12:45 PM Pacific Time. Convert to your time zone for this event here.

Live Session Length: 90 Minutes

Course Experience Level: Beginner

Course Description:Non-expert expert in many things, Rubyyy Jones, brings you a fun, informative, and confidence building workshop for those who use movement in their acts. They say "fake it till you make it" but you can't fake something you don't understand! This class teaches you several principals of dance through exercises and feedback that will bring polish, poise and punch to your piece!

Part one of the class focuses on the warm up, getting into the body and basic choreographed movement exercises! 

Part two focuses on further choreography, personal feedback, Q&A and cool down!

Course Materials

Please bring the following materials with you to your live class session:

  • Notebook

  • Pen/ pencil

  • Clothes you can move and possibly sweat in

  • Water

About the Instructor

Rubyyy Jones

A glittering force of nature! A Burlesque Hall of Fame Winner! An unforgettable and undeniable showstopper! And a “big, fat, fabulous, queer Canadian”! Trained in dance, voice and theatre, Rubyyy Jones has been moonlighting in burlesque and cabaret in the UK for the last decade, headlining festivals and shaking up soirees across Europe and beyond. A provocative Femmecee, an innovative and award-winning neo burlesque artist, a Mxther to manyyy in the Queerlesque genre and a marvellous mentor to cabaret Qids of all kinds; Rubyyy is creator, curator and creature of the night! 

Rubyyy has taught theatre, dance and cabaret arts across Europe, in universities, burlesque schools, drag academies and more! They specialize in: acting in micro theatre, lipsync, face, dance and movement for all levels, various abilities and ages. They have a passion for helping people to focus, free up and bring flare to their work and practice!