Class Overview

Course Experience Level: All

Course Description: Two years ago at the first virtual BurlyCon I debuted this dance fitness class. Since then it has become GenXercise! Incorporated - dance fitness company that I am officially launching during BurlyCon in November. Help me kick start the adventure! Come for the Classics from the 80’s and 90’s, stay for the rad dance fitness workout then revel in the sweaty afterglow! The class begins with a warm up and builds in intensity, incorporating core and lower body strengthening moves and of course lots of cardio. Wear workout gear, and bonus points if that includes high tops and sweatbands! The playlist is all throwback tracks that make folks of a certain age go wild! Get into the Groove... at your own pace, this is an open level class and while modifications won’t be given, self-modifications are highly encouraged. So Zoom Me Up if U Wanna Grind... come try GenXercise!

About the Instructor

Miss AuroraBoobRealis

Miss AuroraBoobRealis lights up the night stage with her unique mixture of raw and earthy, wild and fearless burlesque! She is the co-founder of brASS: Brown RadicalAss Burlesque, and back in 2007, Brown Girls Burlesque.  Aurora has graced stages across the country. As a burlesque instructor she has taught foundation courses as well as stand alone classes. Her most successful single class Bump It, Grind It, Bend It, Bring It: Musicality and Stage Presence received rave reviews during BurlyCon as well as in Austin, Portland, Richmond, D.C. and NYC. She brings her wealth of experience and skills she's honed as a fitness instructor and teaching artist to the table as a burlesque instructor. In the summer of 2021 she became BurlyCon Board President.