Course Overview

Course Experience Level: Everyone

Class Description: Come, join us for happy hour at the barre!! The dance barre that is! Up your movement skills by focusing on leg, ankle, and foot strength and full-body alignment. This class will include a gentle warm up and then focus on floor barre and standing barre exercises. Wake up your body, stretch and strengthen your muscles, and connect your body from toe tip to the top of your head. While prior dance experience will make this class easier, the class is suitable for all experience levels and many of the exercises can be modified to be completed sitting or lying on the floor.

The student should wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement. No shoes are necessary.

About the Instructor

Red Velvet

Red Velvet, a life-long dancer, began studying dance at the age of two. Red Velvet has performed extensively in musical theatre, performed throughout California, has studied and performed dance in New York, and has toured internationally. She has taught dance to adults and children, including training and teaching children to perform in professional musical theatre events. Ms. Velvet currently performs Isadora Duncan dance, and has performed with the Hot Pink Feathers, Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers, and Alegria Samba Dance Company. Red Velvet is also a prolific choreographer and can frequently be seen performing solo work throughout the Bay Area. Red Velvet also co-produces DIVA or Die Burlesque, a monthly show at The Exit Theatre in San Francisco.