Class Overview

Course Experience Level: All

Course Description: Give your beloved costumes the care they deserve! You lavish so much time, effort, and money on them before they go on stage, learn to take care of them after you come off stage! Miss Mina, 'The Martha Stewart of Burlesque', teaches you her tried and true methods, used by theatrical costumers and museum professionals, to clean, store, transport, and maintain costumes (and vintage clothing!) so that they last and last. Save money and look better!

About the Instructor

Miss Mina Murray

After the job market for glamourous archaeologists dried up, Miss Mina Murray abandoned her Ivory Tower and turned to the art of the striptease. She is a co-founder of BeauTease Burlesque (formerly The Boston Babydolls) and the Headmistress of the Boston Academy of Burlesque Education (B.A.B.E.). "The Martha Stewart of Burlesque" is the author of the Miss Mina Murray's Little Books of Burlesque series, how-to guides for costuming and other essential burlesque skills. She also shares her knowledge on her blog, Oh, The Glamourous Life, and on her Patreon.