Course Materials

Live Session Date & Time: The live session for this class occurs on SATURDAY, JULY 17th at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Convert to your time zone for this event here.

Live Session Length: 60 Minutes

Course Experience Level: Everyone

Class Description: Imposter Syndrome says you don't deserve your achievements, aren't INSERT ANYTHING HERE enough, and keeps you playing small. It's internalized shame from a society that tells us we can't trust ourselves, appreciate and enjoy our own bodies.

Through guided movement and visualization dancers are invited to release this limiting belief and move into wholeness -- reconnecting with your beautiful body, allowing your emotions to move through you, owning your perfect imperfections. Feeling and healing so that you may more deeply express yourself on stage, trust your intuition and confidently strut through the world.

This powerful practice for resilience and personal growth is based on the embodied emotion method of JourneyDance. Movement and release is directed by the dancer, at your own pace and comfort level and can be done in a variety of positions. The only rule is not to hurt yourself physically or emotionally -- leave judgement behind and come explore what's possible!

Course Materials

Please bring the following materials with you to your live class session:

  • Yoga mat, towel, or knee pad

  • Veil/ scarf

  • Open mind

  • Class is accessible to everyone and can be done in a chair, lying on a bed or supported against a wall.

About the Instructor

Eva D'Luscious

ShowGirl Temple High Priestess of Tease Eva D'Luscious is bumping and grinding the patriarchy away -- building sparkling community through BodyMagick Burlesque that celebrates the creative power of sensuality.