Class Overview

Course Experience Level: All

Course Description:  Have you ever wanted to learn burlesque fan dancing but didn't know where to begin? Miss V will teach you all the basics about this glamorous burlesque staple! No experience necessary! You'll learn about the different types of fans, what to consider when purchasing them, how to store and care for them, how to hold them properly, and how to do basic fan dance moves that you can incorporate into a style all your own!

About the Instructor

Miss V

The Unknown Pleasure of Burlesque! Miss V is a burlesque performer and the producer of the popular shows, Glamorama and Secret Lair Burlesque. She began her burlesque career in 2015 and has been dazzling audiences with glamorous acts ever since, performing at the Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Empire Burlesque Festivals. She is a member of The Looking Glass Revue, Lehigh Valley's premier burlesque troop and regularly instructs fan dancing and stocking peel technique at the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy. While her visual aesthetic on the stage hearkens back to the vixens of the 40's and 50's, she loves to incorporate modern elements, such as latex fashion and her favorite post-punk music, into her acts. Known for her glamourous and extravagant costumes, elaborate stocking peels, and fancy feather fan work, she believes burlesque is an opportunity to create an intimate but fleeting fantasy which she shares with the audience. you!