Class Overview

Course Experience Level: All

Course Overview:  Props can add dimension, intention, and excitement to an act. However, props can distract an audience from the performer, add complexity to a stage set up, and a malfunctioning prop can set a performer up to fail. In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of using props in acts and challenge the participant to find ways to convey the same message without relying on them. Part lecture and part collaborative conversation, we will explore concepts such as pantomime and suspension of disbelief to create the feeling of the act while simplifying the stage set up. Participants will leave prepared to answer the question, "Do I need this prop?"

About the Instructor

The Infamous Nina Nightshade

Known by many as "Oregon's First Lady of Burlesque", the Infamous Nina Nightshade is celebrated internationally for her unique mix of grace, sass, and impeccable costuming. Nina has headlined in Canada, graced the Burlesque Hall of Fame stage, and mentored with Living Legends. She has held numerous 'Very Important' titles including Miss Yard Bird 2016, Bridesmaid of Jake the Alligatorman 2014, Golden Legend Champion Challenge Protege 2017 and has been deemed the Queen of Kitsch. Like the chameleon, she is able to adapt to her performance environment and is just as comfortable on a nerdlesque stage as she is on a classic stage. Infamous in Portland and beyond as a performer, producer, instructor and costumer, Nina Nightshade is a bittersweet poison you simply cannot put down.