Class Overview

Live Session Date & Time: The live session for this class occurs on FRIDAY, JULY 16th at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Convert to your time zone for this event here.

Live Session Length: 90 Minutes

Course Experience Level: Everyone

Class Description: This fun, high energy, movement class will have participants start with a full body stretch, step by step break-down of a viral Tiktok dance, and the confidence to show off. If the participant feels comfortable with the movements, we encourage them to film and upload their 60 second dances to Tiktok or IG Reelz. Extra likes, follows and shares if they use #Burlycon and #Burlypod.

Course Materials

Please bring the following materials with you to your live class session:

  • Comfortable clothing -OR-

  • Tik Tok appropriate clothing

About the Instructor

Kay Lovely

Standing tall at 4'11, Kay Lovely is a strong force in a tiny package! She is classically trained in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop and has spent most of her career teaching and performing in Richmond! Kay's fusion of the Art of Tease and her classical training has earned her the name "The Ballerina of Burlesque."

Rubyyy has taught theatre, dance and cabaret arts across Europe, in universities, burlesque schools, drag academies and more! They specialize in: acting in micro theatre, lipsync, face, dance and movement for all levels, various abilities and ages. They have a passion for helping people to focus, free up and bring flare to their work and practice!